Squire’s Circle Formation!

Our hard work and many hours of meeting with local church youth groups paid off this week.  Curious children met with their parents and council Squire’s Counselors at a packed open house at the new St. Thomas More Parish Hall.

Led by Chief Counselor Jim Orbich, the local youth learned about the history of the Knights of Columbus and the importance of their youth group, the Columbian Squires.  They learned that the kids provide the leadership and run their own local circle.  The counselors, five in all, are “hands off” and only provide guidance, support and help the youth.

When asked if they were ready to form a circle, they raised their hands enthusiastically.  Thirteen kids said yes and that was more than enough to form a local St. Thomas More Columbian Squires Circle.

The investiture of the Circle will take place at a special ceremony on November 14th, at 3 p.m. at St. Thomas More Church Parish Hall, Room 108.  This ceremony is open only to squires charter-members and member Knights of Columbus.

There is still time for local Catholic youth, boys ages 10-18, are eligible to join.  Interested youth should contact Jim Orbich.

Curious about the Columbian Squires?   Learn more about what is going on at our church.

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